Chicago, IL - Detroit's Steve Griffin denied the city of Chicago its second pro football title in three years (the Chicago Bears won the NFL's Super Bowl in 1986) with two interceptions, a fumble recovery and six receptions for 52 yards.

Trailing 21-7, Chicago marched to Detroit's 11-yard line at the end of the first half, only to be intercepted by Griffin, who reclaimed 49 yards as time ran out. With Chicago trailing by just eight points, Griffin made his second aerial steal to regain the ball with 3:41 remaining in the game.

Dwayne Dixon caught five passes for 63 yards, recovered a key fumble, knocked down a pass and added two tackles en route to Ironman of the Game honors. Detroit rookie George LaFrance, who would go on to compete in six more ArenaBowls, had one catch for nine yards.

Sat, Jul 30, 1988 1 2 3 4 F
Detroit Drive 7 14 0 3 24
Chicago Bruisers 7 0 0 6 13
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
DET 1 10:45 Ingold 1 run (Bojovic kick) 7-0
CHI 1 4:40 Bennett 3 pass to McDade (Morales kick) 7-7
DET 2 14:01 Holman 8 run (Bojovic kick) 14-7
DET 2 0:41 Browne 2 run (Bojovic kick) 21-7
CHI 4 11:09 Stone 10 run (Morales kick failed) 21-13
DET 4 0:53 Bojovic 17 FG 24-13

Detroit Drive Passing

INGOLD, Rich132454.21225.102

Chicago Bruisers Passing

BENNETT, Ben92437.5783.312
TOTTEN, Willie21414.3271.900

Detroit Drive Rushing

BROWNE, Jim5102.01
INGOLD, Rich4-6- 1.51
RETTIG, Alvin461.50
HOLMAN, Walter3144.71

Chicago Bruisers Rushing

BENNETT, Ben133.00
TOTTEN, Willie144.00
STONE, Billy11010.01
LEWIS, Osia100.00

Detroit Drive Receiving

GRIFFIN, Steve6528.70
DIXON, Dwayne56012.00
LAFRANCE, George199.00
EVANS, David111.00

Chicago Bruisers Receiving

AIKENS, Carl45313.30
SMITH, Reggie3289.30
MCDADE, Mike2115.51
HART, Daryl166.00
SKIPPER, Clyde177.00

Detroit Drive MFG Returns

LAFRANCE, George200.00

Chicago Bruisers MFG Returns

SMITH, Reggie23015.00
AIKENS, Carl11414.00

Detroit Drive INT Returns

GRIFFIN, Steve25829.00

Chicago Bruisers INT Returns

SKIPPER, Clyde12222.00
ROQUEMORE, Durwood12020.00

Detroit Drive Kickoff Returns

GRIFFIN, Steve11515.00
LAFRANCE, George2115.50

Chicago Bruisers Kickoff Returns

AIKENS, Carl12525.00
TAYLOR, Durell188.00

Detroit Drive Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BOJOVIC, Novo3/3100.01/616.7

Chicago Bruisers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
MORALES, Marco1/250.00/40.0

Detroit Drive Defense

EVANS, David5.0500000
CORKER, John2.5210000
DIXON, Dwayne2.0200000
RANDLE, Tate2.0200000
LAFRANCE, George1.5110000
TAYLOR, Lenny1.0100000
STEPHENS, Kim1.0100000
RETTIG, Alvin1.0101700
QUINN, Kelly1.0100000
MATHIS, Reggie1.0101600
HOLMAN, Walter1.0020000
WISKA, Jeff1.0100000
GRIFFIN, Steve0.0000002

Chicago Bruisers Defense

AIKENS, Carl7.5630000
ROQUEMORE, Durwood5.0500000
MCDADE, Mike3.5150000
HART, Daryl3.0300000
POE, Billy2.5130000
LEWIS, Osia2.5210000
SKIPPER, Clyde2.5210000
STONE, Billy2.0200.5400
CLARK, Mike2.0200000
BOCK, Joe1.5110000
FAULKNER, Jeff1.5111.51400
TAYLOR, Durell1.5110000
THONN, Steve1.0100000
ROWELL, Gene1.0100010
MCCURRY, Mike1.0101900
BENNETT, Ben0.5010000
TOBIAS, Charles0.5010000