Detroit, MI - Detroit QB Art Schlichter, en route to garnering MVP honors, set an ArenaBowl record with 24 points (two passing touchdowns and four rushing scores). His four rushing touchdowns were also an ArenaBowl record. It marked Detroit's third straight championship and the first for head coach Perry Moss.

Ernie Stautner's troops managed just 197 total yards and lost 3-of-4 fumbles, both ArenaBowl records.

Sat, Aug 11, 1990 1 2 3 4 F
Dallas Texans 0 14 0 13 27
Detroit Drive 14 17 13 7 51
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
DET 1 9:08 Schlichter 2 run (Bojovic kick) 0-7
DET 1 8:00 Schlichter 5 run (Bojovic kick) 0-14
DET 2 11:56 Rettig 1 run (Bojovic kick) 0-21
DET 2 9:36 Schlichter 11 pass to Rettig (Bojovic kick) 0-28
DAL 2 5:00 Ward 1 run (Morales kick) 7-28
DAL 2 0:11 Bennett 6 pass to Kenney (Morales kick) 14-28
DET 2 0:00 Bojovic 42 FG 14-31
DET 3 12:40 Schlichter 1 run (Bojovic kick) 14-38
DET 3 6:02 Schlichter 37 pass to Mullen (Bojovic kick failed) 14-46
DAL 4 12:47 Ward 1 run (Morales kick) 21-46
DAL 4 2:47 Blackmon 3 run (pass failed) 27-46
DET 4 0:35 Schlichter 2 run (Bojovic kick) 27-51

Dallas Texans Passing

BENNETT, Ben182962.11685.811
BROCK, Bryan2366.7186.001

Detroit Drive Passing

SCHLICHTER, Art142360.91767.722

Dallas Texans Rushing

WARD, Mitchell620.32
BENNETT, Ben284.00
BLACKMON, Alvin210.51
AIKENS, Carl100.00

Detroit Drive Rushing

SCHLICHTER, Art6244.04
BRADFORD, Lynn5295.80
RETTIG, Alvin591.81
TRIGG, Mike199.00

Dallas Texans Receiving

AIKENS, Carl89812.30
KENNEY, Aatron6488.01
MOORE, Sam3165.30
ALLEN, Robert2178.50
WILLIAMS, Keith177.00

Detroit Drive Receiving

MULLEN, Gary58416.81
GRIFFIN, Steve33311.00
RETTIG, Alvin33311.01
DIXON, Dwayne2199.50
MCCLAY, Will177.00

Dallas Texans MFG Returns

KENNEY, Aatron25728.50

Detroit Drive MFG Returns

MULLEN, Gary11818.00

Dallas Texans INT Returns

WILSON, Kennedy13737.00
NEWSOM, Anthony100.00

Detroit Drive INT Returns

GRYMES, Darrell11212.00
MCCLAY, Will100.00

Dallas Texans Kickoff Returns

ALLEN, Robert33712.30
KENNEY, Aatron11919.00
WARD, Mitchell155.00
WILSON, Kennedy122.00
AIKENS, Carl122.00

Detroit Drive Kickoff Returns

MULLEN, Gary24020.00
MCCLAY, Will13434.00
DIXON, Dwayne13434.00

Dallas Texans Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
MORALES, Marco3/3100.00/30.0

Detroit Drive Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BOJOVIC, Novo6/785.71/333.3

Dallas Texans Defense

MORRIS, Alex6.0520000
NEWSOM, Anthony4.0320000
MOORE, Sam4.0400000
WILSON, Kennedy3.0300000
AIKENS, Carl3.0300000
WILLIAMS, Keith2.0200000
HURD, Jeff1.5110001
KENNEY, Aatron1.0100000
SCHELL, David1.0101800
SIGN, Bobby1.0100000
DAILEY, Anthony1.0100000
WYATT, Buddy1.0100000

Detroit Drive Defense

RANDLE, Tate7.5710001
EVANS, David6.5530010
GRIFFIN, Steve3.0300000
BOJOVIC, Novo2.0200000
ROEHLK, Jon2.0200000
MCCLAY, Will2.0120010
GRYMES, Darrell2.0200000
DIXON, Dwayne2.0200000
BRADFORD, Lynn1.5110000
FLEMING, Flint1.0020001
CORKER, John1.0100000
CAMPBELL, Arnold1.0100000
FLOWERS, James1.0100000
ORTON, Greg0.5010001
RETTIG, Alvin0.5010000