Detroit, MI - Jay Gruden, en route to earning game MVP honors, completed 18-of-35 passes for 204 yards and 3 TDs to lead Tampa Bay to its second championship in three years.

Tampa Bay's Les Barley, who would become the all-time leading rusher in 1997, rambled 6 times for 49 yards and a TD. The Storm outrushed the Drive, 116-23. Keith Browner recovered a fumble for a TD and caught a 9-yard TD pass. Tampa Bay outgained Detroit 307-214.

Sat, Aug 21, 1993 1 2 3 4 F
Tampa Bay Storm 10 20 7 14 51
Detroit Drive 0 17 7 7 31
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
TB 1 6:35 Czyzewski 24 FG 3-0
TB 1 4:04 Gruden 15 pass to Thomas (Czyzewski kick) 10-0
DET 2 14:04 Langeloh 21 FG 10-3
TB 2 11:05 Czyzewski 47 FG 13-3
TB 2 9:11 Browner fumble recovery (Czyzewski kick) 20-3
DET 2 7:22 Renfroe 27 pass to LaFrance (Langeloh kick) 20-10
TB 2 2:22 Gruden 18 pass to Field (Czyzewski kick) 27-10
DET 2 0:57 Renfroe 2 pass to Goode (Langeloh kick) 27-17
TB 2 0:04 Czyzewski 26 FG 30-17
TB 3 6:05 Byrd 9 pass to Browner (Czyzewski kick) 37-17
TB 3 6:05 Byrd 9 pass to Browner (Czyzewski kick) 37-17
TB 4 13:31 Gruden 7 pass to Brown (Czyzewski kick) 44-24
DET 4 9:36 Burse 1 run (Langeloh kick) 44-31
TB 4 3:48 Barley 4 run (Czyzewski kick) 51-31

Tampa Bay Storm Passing

GRUDEN, Jay183256.32046.431
BYRD, Bobby11100.099.010

Detroit Drive Passing

RENFROE, Gilbert152657.72047.832

Tampa Bay Storm Rushing

BARLEY, Les6498.21
BOWDEN, Andre5285.60
BROWN, Eddie3186.00
BYRD, Bobby2178.50
FIELD, Amod122.00
MAYES, Jeff122.00

Detroit Drive Rushing

BURSE, Tony8212.61
RETTIG, Alvin122.00

Tampa Bay Storm Receiving

BYRD, Bobby66010.00
THOMAS, Stevie4369.01
BROWN, Eddie22512.51
FIELD, Amod23417.01
BOWDEN, Andre2189.00
MAYES, Jeff23115.50
BROWNER, Keith199.01

Detroit Drive Receiving

BELL, Grantis57715.41
LANGLEY, Andre44611.50
LAFRANCE, George35217.31
CLARK, Mike22713.50
GOODE, James122.01

Tampa Bay Storm MFG Returns

THOMAS, Stevie22311.50

Detroit Drive MFG Returns

LAFRANCE, George12222.00

Tampa Bay Storm INT Returns

FIELD, Amod11212.00
PERKINS, Tracey111.00

Detroit Drive INT Returns

MCSWAIN, Rod11212.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kickoff Returns

BYRD, Bobby12121.00
THOMAS, Stevie11515.00
MAYES, Jeff133.00

Detroit Drive Kickoff Returns

LAFRANCE, George59919.80
BELL, Grantis11010.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
CZYZEWSKI, Arden6/6100.03/475.0

Detroit Drive Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
LANGLEY, Andre4/4100.01/333.3

Tampa Bay Storm Defense

PERKINS, Tracey6.5610000
BROWN, Eddie5.5510000
DOWDEN, Corey4.0320000
FIELD, Amod3.0300000
CHICKILLO, Tony3.0301500
BOWDEN, Andre3.0300000
BROWNER, Keith1.5110.5401
DAHLKE, Dennis1.0100000
JOHNSON, Lee1.0100000
BARLEY, Les1.0020.5400
BYRD, Bobby0.5010000

Detroit Drive Defense

CLARK, Mike9.0820000
MCSWAIN, Rod7.0700000
LOCKETT, Danny5.5510000
GOODE, James5.05021600
HARPER, Kenneth5.0500000
LANGLEY, Andre3.0300000
FLEMING, Flint2.0120000
BURSE, Tony2.0200000
VITALE, John2.0200000
WYATT, Willie2.0201600
BELL, Grantis2.0200000
RETTIG, Alvin1.0020000