Orlando, FL - Eventual Game MVP Sherdrick Bonner hit Calvin Schexnayder with the game-winning 24-yard TD with 31 seconds left to give Arizona its first ever ArenaBowl Championship. Arizona had trailed 30-31 with 6:55 remaining.

Orlando's Ben Bennett had 6 incompletions on the game's final drive. The Predators were heavily favored following an 11- 1 regular season. Both teams combined for 4 rushing yards, as Arizona was held to -2 yards rushing.

Fri, Sep 2, 1994 1 2 3 4 F
Arizona Rattlers 7 13 7 9 36
Orlando Predators 10 7 7 7 31
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
ORL 1 10:51 Bennett 5 pass to Shell (Cimadevilla kick) 0-7
ARI 1 7:54 Bonner 33 pass to Tillman (Zendejas kick) 7-7
ORL 1 3:41 Cimadevilla 24 FG 7-10
ARI 2 11:25 Bonner 6 pass to Schexnayder (Zendejas kick) 14-10
ORL 2 9:53 Bennett 42 pass to Shell (Cimadevilla kick) 14-17
ARI 2 0:53 Zendejas 23 FG 17-17
ARI 2 0:00 Zendejas 40 FG 20-17
ARI 3 2:45 Bonner 2 pass to Vaughn (Zendejas kick) 27-17
ORL 3 0:47 Bennett 38 pass to Walls (Cimadevilla kick) 27-24
ARI 4 11:49 Zendejas 21 FG 30-24
ORL 4 6:55 Wagner 3 run (Cimadevilla kick) 30-31
ARI 4 0:31 Bonner 24 pass to Schexnayder (Zendejas dropkick failed) 36-31

Arizona Rattlers Passing

BONNER, Sherdrick253865.82677.041

Orlando Predators Passing

BENNETT, Ben163250.02668.331

Arizona Rattlers Rushing

COOPER, Hunkie300.00
ROGERS, Daryl3-1- 0.30
MAO, Tracey341.30
SCHEXNAYDER, Calvin1-5- 5.00

Orlando Predators Rushing

WAGNER, Barry231.51
STEWART, Bill144.00
SHELL, Alex1-1- 1.00

Arizona Rattlers Receiving

COOPER, Hunkie88710.90
VAUGHN, Milton44110.31
SCHEXNAYDER, Calvin44511.32
TILLMAN, Cedric45313.31
ROGERS, Daryl3248.00
BARR, Craig166.00
BRANNON, Corey11111.00

Orlando Predators Receiving

WAGNER, Barry611118.50
WALLS, Herkie45413.51
SHELL, Alex48220.52
ODOM, Jerry2199.50

Arizona Rattlers MFG Returns

COOPER, Hunkie188.00

Orlando Predators MFG Returns

WALLS, Herkie12626.00

Arizona Rattlers INT Returns

HOLT, Richard12727.00

Orlando Predators INT Returns

ROQUEMORE, Durwood100.00

Arizona Rattlers Kickoff Returns

COOPER, Hunkie45513.80

Orlando Predators Kickoff Returns

WALLS, Herkie44611.50

Arizona Rattlers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
ZENDEJAS, Luis3/475.03/475.0

Orlando Predators Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
CIMADEVILLA, Jorge4/4100.01/333.3

Arizona Rattlers Defense

BROOKS, Carlos4.0400000
LEE, Zeph4.0400000
HOLT, Richard2.5210000
MAO, Tracey2.0200000
ROGERS, Daryl2.0200000
VAUGHN, Milton1.0100000
THOMAS, Kevin1.0100000
SCHEXNAYDER, Calvin1.0100000
WISE, Doc1.0100000
GIBSON, Tom1.0100000
COOPER, Hunkie1.0100000
BRANNON, Corey0.5010000

Orlando Predators Defense

ROQUEMORE, Durwood10.0920000
CLARK, Bernard6.5530000
HALL, Victor5.0420.5300
ODOM, Jerry5.0421600
WAGNER, Barry4.0400000
SHELL, Alex3.5310000
WALKER, Jackie2.0200000
STEWART, Bill2.0120000
WILLIAMS, Issac2.0200.5000
ROBERTS, Marshall2.0200000
RUSSELL, Rusty1.0100000
GOODE, James1.0100000
BURNETT, Webbie1.0020000