Des Moines, IA - The Tampa Bay defense stopped the Barnstormer offense on fourth-and-goal from the three-yard line with less than a minute to go to secure their second straight ArenaBowl championship.

Iowa took over with 4:09 on the clock and three plays later, Kurt Warner's pass to Willis Jacox fell short in the endzone and the Storm took over, running out the clock on their possession.

Following 56 first-half points, defense dominated the second as the teams combined for just 24 points the rest of the game.

Mon, Aug 26, 1996 1 2 3 4 F
Tampa Bay Storm 13 15 7 7 42
Iowa Barnstormers 14 14 3 7 38
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
TB 1 9:32 Gruden 12 pass to Rowland (Cimadevilla kick) 7-0
IA 1 6:48 Warner 16 pass to Spencer (Black kick) 7-7
IA 1 2:02 Warner 30 pass to Cooper (Black kick) 7-14
TB 1 0:00 Gruden 30 pass to LaFrance (Cimadevilla kick failed) 13-14
IA 1 10:46 Warner 9 pass to Jacox (Black kick) 13-21
TB 2 0:59 Gruden 35 pass to Thomas (two-point conversion) 21-21
TB 2 0:36 Thomas 9 interception return (Cimadevilla kick) 28-21
TB 2 0:36 Thomas 9 interception return (Cimadevilla kick) 28-21
TB 3 5:46 Gruden 21 pas to Caesar (Cimadevilla kick) 35-28
IA 3 0:03 Black 32 FG 35-31
TB 4 11:55 Gruden 7 pass to Thomas (Cimadevilla kick) 42-31
IA 4 8:22 Warner 4 pass to Spencer (Black kick) 42-38

Tampa Bay Storm Passing

GRUDEN, Jay183354.52648.051

Iowa Barnstormers Passing

WARNER, Kurt274264.33167.543

Tampa Bay Storm Rushing

MCKINNON, Cedri471.80
JONES, Tony242.00
THOMAS, Stevie122.00

Iowa Barnstormers Rushing

WARNER, Kurt471.80
MORAN, Ron210.51
JACOX, Willis111.00

Tampa Bay Storm Receiving

THOMAS, Stevie710314.72
LAFRANCE, George46315.81
TURNER, Lonnie2178.50
WORTHMAN, Anton11818.00
SAMUELS, Lawrence11515.00
CAESAR, Ivan12121.01
MCKINNON, Cedri155.00
ROWLAND, Lynn11212.01

Iowa Barnstormers Receiving

CONLEY, Leonard10919.10
JACOX, Willis67111.81
COOPER, Lamart59418.81
JASPER, Harold33411.30
SPENCER, Chris3268.72

Tampa Bay Storm MFG Returns


Iowa Barnstormers MFG Returns


Tampa Bay Storm INT Returns

THOMAS, Stevie199.01
SAMUELS, Lawrence144.00
SANDERS, Tracey133.00

Iowa Barnstormers INT Returns

JACOX, Willis11414.00
HARDING, Weylan11111.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kickoff Returns

LAFRANCE, George45213.00

Iowa Barnstormers Kickoff Returns

JACOX, Willis612520.80

Tampa Bay Storm Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
CIMADEVILLA, Jorge4/580.00/30.0

Iowa Barnstormers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
BLACK, Mike5/5100.01/250.0

Tampa Bay Storm Defense

HARRIS, Johnnie7.0540000
PERKINS, Tracey7.0620000
SANDERS, Tracey6.5530000
JONES, Tony3.0221200
WELLS, Kent3.0220000
WORTHMAN, Anton2.0200000
SAMUELS, Lawrence2.0200000
ROWLAND, Lynn1.5110000
BEAUFORD, Terry1.0100000
MCKINNON, Cedri1.0101600
CAESAR, Ivan1.0101500
JEFFCOAT, Jerald1.0100000
CIMADEVILLA, Jorge0.5010000

Iowa Barnstormers Defense

SHAKOOR, Calvin3.5310000
CONLEY, Leonard3.5310000
HARDING, Weylan3.0300000
HOUGHTON, Steve2.5211400
MORAN, Ron2.5210000
CHILCOTE, Andy2.0120000
COOPER, Lamart2.0200000
JAMES, Carlos2.0200000
BLACK, Mike1.0100000
CATCHINGS, Tony1.0020000
HOWE, Garry0.5010000
JASPER, Harold0.5010000
STEEPLE, Matthe0.5010000