Orlando, FL - David Cool kicked a 19-yard field goal as time expired to lift the Orlando Predators over the Nashville Kats, 41-38, in ArenaBowl XIV. Cool was perfect after missing a 22-yarder with 7:03 left, redeeming himself to give the Predators (14-3) their second title in the past three seasons.

Nashville backup quarterback James Brown replaced starter Andy Kelly with 11:48 left in the fourth quarter for Nashville (12-6). Brown threw an interception on his second play from scrimmage, but tossed a 45-yard touchdown pass to Darryl Hammond that helped the Kats tie the game with 5:37 remaining. Brown's two-point conversion flip to Cory Fleming tied the game at 38 apiece. After the Predators took the kickoff to their 12-yard line, Orlando's Rick Hamilton rushed twice to advance the ball to the Nashville 3, setting up a fourth down situation as the clock wound down. The Predators called time out with 1.7 seconds left for the winning attempt.

The Predators' Connell Maynor threw for 202 yards on 17-of-28 passing with four touchdowns, including three in the first 19 minutes of the game. OL/DL James Baron was named the Ironman of the Game for his play on offense and defense, Baron recorded two of the Kats' record six team sacks on Maynor and caught a TD pass in the third quarter for 28 yards. Nashville QB Kelly was 13-of-24 passing for 180 yards and four touchdowns before exiting with a left leg injury early in the fourth quarter.

With his four TD performance, Orlando QB Maynor moved to second all-time in ArenaBowl career TD passes, with 10. Orlando head coach Jay Gruden was the only QB with more ArenaBowl TD tosses than Maynor in 2000, with 17.

Sun, Aug 20, 2000 1 2 3 4 F
Nashville Kats 7 16 7 8 38
Orlando Predators 15 14 3 9 41
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
ORL 1 14:01 Allen safety 0-2
ORL 1 10:13 Maynor 16 pass to Dell (Cool kick) 0-9
ORL 1 4:08 Douglass 3 run (Cool kick failed) 0-15
NAS 1 1:40 Kelly 33 pass to Russell (McLaughlin kick) 7-15
ORL 2 14:04 Maynor 18 pass to Hamilton (Cool kick) 7-22
ORL 2 10:45 Maynor 5 pass to Douglass (Cool kick) 7-29
NAS 2 2:50 Gaines safety 9-29
NAS 2 0:39 Kelly 1 pass to Fleming (McLaughlin kick) 16-29
NAS 2 0:00 Kelly 5 pass to Hammond (McLaughlin kick) 23-29
NAS 3 9:43 Kelly 28 pass to Baron (McLaughlin kick) 30-29
ORL 3 3:20 Cool 38 FG 30-32
ORL 4 12:23 Maynor 15 pass to Cooper (Cool kick failed) 30-38
NAS 4 6:26 Brown 45 pass to Hammond (Fleming pass) 38-38
ORL 4 0:00 Cool 19 FG 38-41

Nashville Kats Passing

KELLY, Andy132454.21807.540
BROWN, James1333.34515.011

Orlando Predators Passing

MAYNOR, Connell172860.72027.240
O'HARA, Pat010.000.000

Nashville Kats Rushing

BRATTON, Jason441.00
RUSSELL, Jeff111.00
KELLY, Andy166.00
HICKS, Anthony1-3- 3.00

Orlando Predators Rushing

HAMILTON, Rick5142.80
MAYNOR, Connell3124.00
DOUGLASS, Joe252.51
DORSEY, Tommy1-5- 5.00

Nashville Kats Receiving

FLEMING, Cory4174.31
HAMMOND, Darryl38829.32
HILLERY, Jarrick2157.50
RUSSELL, Jeff25929.51
JONES, Tyronne2189.00
BARON, James12828.01

Orlando Predators Receiving

COOPER, Bret66911.51
DOUGLASS, Joe5448.81
THOMAS, Stevie33411.30
DELL, Clif23718.51
HAMILTON, Rick11818.01

Nashville Kats MFG Returns

JONES, Tyronne11010.00

Orlando Predators MFG Returns

DOUGLASS, Joe12323.00

Nashville Kats INT Returns


Orlando Predators INT Returns

MCENTYRE, Kenny12323.00

Nashville Kats Kickoff Returns

CARPENTER, Ron59719.40
JONES, Tyronne12929.00

Orlando Predators Kickoff Returns

DOUGLASS, Joe4266.50
DELL, Clif11818.00
STORM, Matt155.00

Nashville Kats Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
MCLAUGHLIN, Steve4/4100.00/10.0

Orlando Predators Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
COOL, David3/560.02/540.0

Nashville Kats Defense

CARPENTER, Ron8.0720000
GAINES, William3.5311200
FLEMING, Cory3.5311300
HILLERY, Jarrick3.0300000
BARON, James3.03021500
RUSSELL, Jeff3.0300000
DAVIS, Robert2.0200000
FOWLER, Carlos2.0200000
HAMMOND, Darryl1.5110000
CROSLAND, Ben1.0101600
BRATTON, Jason1.0100000
JONES, Tyronne1.0100000
OWENS, Buster1.0100000
HICKS, Anthony1.0101400
GRANT, Rupert0.5010000

Orlando Predators Defense

MCKENZIE, Rich4.0401700
MASON, Damon4.0400001
MCCALL, Jon2.5210000
DELL, Clif2.0200000
MCENTYRE, Kenny2.0200000
COOPER, Bret2.0200000
DORSEY, Tommy2.0200000
ALLEN, Ernest1.0101510
BY'NOTE, Butler1.0100000
COOL, David1.0100000
COHEN, BJ0.5010001