Grand Rapids, MI - Offensive specialist Terrill Shaw caught 12 passes, including an ArenaBowl record five touchdown receptions as the Grand Rapids Rampage defeated the Nashville Kats 64-42 in ArenaBowl XV. Shaw, the game MVP, collected 172 receiving yards as the Rampage won its first championship in only the fourth season of AFL play for the Grand Rapids franchise. Nashville lost its second straight ArenaBowl in its second appearance.

Quarterback Clint Dolezel was 26-of-36 for 308 yards for Grand Rapids and passed for seven scores. Two of his touchdowns went to Demo Odems, who was named the Ironman of the Game. Odems recorded six receptions for 70 yards on offense and had a key pass deflection that ended a crucial drive for the Kats in the fourth quarter.

Grand Rapids set a new ArenaBowl record in the game for most points scored, scoring on every offensive possession except the last, when kicker Brian Gowins attempted a 60-yard insurance field goal that fell short with 23 seconds left. Defensively, JoJo Polk led the way, with four pass deflections and a key interception that set up a second-quarter scoring drive for the Rampage.

Nashville, behind quarterback Andy Kelly (12-26 for 243 yards and three TDs) could not hold back the Grand Rapids defensive front, which pressured Kelly all game long, contributing to the Kats' defeat.

Sun, Aug 19, 2001 1 2 3 4 F
Nashville Kats 14 7 14 7 42
Grand Rapids Rampage 14 23 14 13 64
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
GRA 1 10:08 Dolezel 6 pass to Shaw (Gowins kick) 0-7
NAS 1 7:10 Kelly 17 pass to Jones (McLaughlin kick) 7-7
GRA 1 2:21 Dolezel 6 pass to Shaw (Gowins kick) 7-14
NAS 1 0:00 Grant 1 run (McLaughlin kick) 14-14
GRA 2 13:34 Dolezel 41 pass to Shaw (Gowins kick) 14-21
GRA 2 9:23 Dolezel 14 pass to Odems (Gowins kick failed) 14-27
NAS 2 4:54 Kelly 34 pass to Jones (McLaughlin kick) 21-27
GRA 2 1:00 Avery 1 run (Gowins kick) 21-34
GRA 2 0:03 Gowins 36 FG 21-37
NAS 3 11:45 Reece 1 run (McLaughlin kick) 28-37
GRA 3 9:33 Dolezel 31 pass to Shaw (Gowins kick) 28-44
NAS 3 6:33 Kelly 33 pass to Hillery (McLaughlin kick) 35-44
GRA 3 0:41 H. Shaw 1 run (Gowins kick) 35-51
NAS 4 14:24 Fleming 28 pass to Baron (McLaughlin kick) 42-51
GRA 4 8:11 Dolezel 15 pass to Shaw (Gowins kick) 42-58
GRA 4 2:05 Dolezel 17 pass to Odems (Gowins kick failed) 42-64

Nashville Kats Passing

KELLY, Andy122646.22439.331
FLEMING, Cory11100.02828.010

Grand Rapids Rampage Passing

DOLEZEL, Clint263672.23088.670

Nashville Kats Rushing

KELLY, Andy3-1- 0.30
REECE, Travis3103.31
GRANT, Rupert231.51
FLEMING, Cory111.00

Grand Rapids Rampage Rushing

AVERY, Chris650.81
DOLEZEL, Clint200.00
SHAW, Harold111.01

Nashville Kats Receiving

JONES, Tyronne47518.82
FLEMING, Cory48822.00
HILLERY, Jarrick36923.01
HAMMOND, Darryl11111.00
BARON, James12828.01

Grand Rapids Rampage Receiving

SHAW, Terrill1217214.35
ODEMS, Demo67011.72
MARSHALL, Willis4225.50
ISZA, Gary177.00
AVERY, Chris12727.00
SHAW, Harold122.00
BOWICK, Tony188.00

Nashville Kats MFG Returns

JONES, Tyronne11919.00

Grand Rapids Rampage MFG Returns


Nashville Kats INT Returns


Grand Rapids Rampage INT Returns

POLK, Jo Jo188.00

Nashville Kats Kickoff Returns

CARPENTER, Ron713919.90
JONES, Tyronne144.00

Grand Rapids Rampage Kickoff Returns

ROSS, Ricky68814.70
SHAW, Terrill177.00

Nashville Kats Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
MCLAUGHLIN, Steve6/6100.00/00.0

Grand Rapids Rampage Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
GOWINS, Brian7/977.81/250.0

Nashville Kats Defense

GREEN, Cliff10.0840000
CARPENTER, Ron3.5150000
GAINES, William3.0140000
BARON, James2.5130000
REECE, Travis2.5130000
HAMMOND, Darryl2.5130000
GRANT, Rupert1.5030000
FLEMING, Cory1.5030000
HILLERY, Jarrick1.5110000
LUNSFORD, Adrian1.5030000
MCLAIN, CJ1.0020000
CROSLAND, Ben1.0020000
JONES, Tyronne0.5010000
DOWNEY, Pat0.5010000

Grand Rapids Rampage Defense

POLK, Jo Jo5.5430010
BALL, Raphael4.5410000
TODD, Joseph2.5130000
RYAN, Chris2.5210000
BOWICK, Tony2.0200000
KNIGHT, Seneca2.0120000
SHAW, Harold1.5110000
ODEMS, Demo1.0100000
MARSHALL, Willis1.0020000
ROSS, Ricky1.0020000
MAYFIELD, Corey0.5010000
GOWINS, Brian0.5010000
AVERY, Chris0.5011700