New Orleans, LA - The game of the season lived up to the hype as the Spokane Shock defeated the Tampa Bay Storm in ArenaBowl XXIII, 69-57. The Storm and Shock went into the ArenaBowl with similar regular seasons statistics, but the Shock proved to be the offensive powerhouse in the first matchup of the two franchises in league history.

The Storm were the first to draw blood as LB Eric Ortiz rushed in a 3 yard score with approximately 8:16 remaining in the first quarter to take a 7-0 lead. Spokane wasn't far behind, however, scoring a touchdown of their own minutes later. The Shock marched down the field, driven by the QB Kyle Rowley-to-WR Markee White connection. Rowley eventually found an open WR Huey Whittaker for a touchdown, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The excitement of the score was overshadowed in the waning minute of the quarter, however, when Shock DL Jeremy Geathers sacked and forced Tampa QB Brett Dietz to fumble. The fumble was recovered by DL Richard Clebert, who was taken down just shy of a score.

The second quarter was all about White, as Rowley found him open four times for scores. White's second touchdown of the quarter was a wide open leaping catch as he crashed against the back boards to bring the score to 20-7 in favor of the Shock. The Storm began to slowly chip away at the Shock's lead and eventually managed to take a one-point lead with less than 30 seconds left in the half. But with 10 seconds left, Rowley once again found White for an easy score to take a 34-28 halftime lead.

The Shock utilized the third quarter to slowly build a lead, aided by multiple penalties on the Storm. Tampa Bay's only score of the quarter came in the final minutes when Ortiz again rushed in another score to head into the 4th down 35-48. The 4th was Tampa Bay's final opportunity to narrow the point spread, but Rowley and his reliable receiving corps. was too hot to handle. Rowley found the open hands of Whittaker and White ' the usual suspects'but also OL Ed Ta'amu, who rushed in a score to put the Shock up 62-41. Tampa Bay had one last score in the final minute to put them within 12, but Spokane obtained possession and watched the final seconds click off the clock as the sold out crowd of 11,017 erupted

Fri, Aug 20, 2010 1 2 3 4 F
Tampa Bay Storm 7 21 7 22 57
Spokane Shock 6 28 14 21 69
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
TBY 1 8:16 Ortiz 3 yd run (Rivas kick) 7-0
SPK 1 0:00 Rowley 22 yd pass to Whittaker (Rowan kick failed) 7-6
SPK 2 14:43 Rowley 4 yd pass to White (Rowan kick) 7-13
SPK 2 10:34 Rowley 4 yd pass to White (Rowan kick) 7-20
TBY 2 5:49 Ortiz 1 yd run (Rivas kick) 14-20
SPK 2 0:57 Rowley 15 yd pass to White (Rowan kick) 14-27
TBY 2 0:34 Dietz 7 yd pass to Rubin (Rivas kick) 21-27
TBY 2 0:15 Royal 7 yd run (Rivas kick) 28-27
SPK 2 0:10 Rowley 22 yd pass to White (Rowan kick) 28-34
SPK 3 11:12 Rowley 1 yd run (Rowan kick) 28-41
SPK 3 4:40 Rowley 1 yd pass to Whittaker (Rowan kick) 28-48
TBY 3 14:53 Ortiz 5 yd run (Rivas kick) 35-48
SPK 4 14:26 Rowley 13 yd pass to Whittaker (Rowan kick) 35-55
TBY 4 12:02 Dietz 19 yd pass to Timmons (Rivas kick failed) 41-55
SPK 4 8:59 Rowley 4 yd pass to Ta’amu (Rowan kick) 41-62
TBY 4 7:17 Dietz 8 yd pass to Timmons (Rivas kick) 49-62
SPK 4 1:24 Rowley 4 yd pass to Whittaker (Rowan kick) 41-69
TBY 4 0:30 Dietz 7 yd pass to Edwards (Ortiz run) 57-69

Tampa Bay Storm Passing

DIETZ, Brett294072.53067.742

Spokane Shock Passing

ROWLEY, Kyle243275.02377.490

Tampa Bay Storm Rushing

ORTIZ, Eric393.03
ROYAL, Terrence273.51

Spokane Shock Rushing

ROWLEY, Kyle451.31

Tampa Bay Storm Receiving

EDWARDS, Hank1113212.02
TIMMONS, Tyrone810713.41
RUBIN, DeAndrew7578.11
ORTIZ, Eric111.00
ROBINSON, Sedrick144.00
KALEITA, Tom155.00

Spokane Shock Receiving

WHITE, Markee99911.04
WHITTAKER, Huey88210.34
ORTON, Greg6528.70
TA'AMU, Ed144.01

Tampa Bay Storm MFG Returns


Spokane Shock MFG Returns

SAMMONS, Emery11919.00

Tampa Bay Storm INT Returns


Spokane Shock INT Returns

BROOKINS, Mervin11414.00
WILLIAMS, Travis111.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kickoff Returns

ROBINSON, Sedrick911913.20
BRUTLEY, Daryon100.00
HAWTHORNE, Michael100.00
RIVAS, Garrett100.00

Spokane Shock Kickoff Returns

BROOKINS, Mervin24924.50
SAMMONS, Emery100.00
MARSH, Antwan100.00

Tampa Bay Storm Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
RIVAS, Garrett5/683.30/10.0

Spokane Shock Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
ROWAN, Taylor9/1090.00/00.0

Tampa Bay Storm Defense

MCINTOSH, Erick6.5530000
HEFFLIN, Brandon5.0420000
HAWTHORNE, Michael2.5210000
DUKES, Cliff2.0120000
EDWARDS, Hank2.0200000
BRUTLEY, Daryon1.5110000
ORTIZ, Eric1.5110000
RUBIN, DeAndrew1.0100000
MCGILL, Tim1.0100000
KINNEY, Kelvin1.0020000
WEATHERFORD, Drew1.0100000

Spokane Shock Defense

SAMMONS, Emery9.0820000
MARSH, Antwan8.0720000
BROOKINS, Mervin7.5710000
GEATHERS, Jeremy4.0321510
WHITTAKER, Huey2.5130000
JURATOVAC, Adam2.5210000
WILLIAMS, Travis2.0120000
ORTON, Greg1.0100000
TEEMS, Alex1.0100000
MULDER, Will1.0100000
HARRELL, Clay0.5010000
CLEBERT, Richard0.0000001