Phoenix, AZ - Jacksonville Sharks QB Aaron Garcia threw the most important pass of his 17-year career in ArenaBowl XXIV. With two seconds left on the clock, the Sharks lined up on the Rattlers' 10-yard line. Dodging a sack, Garcia threw a 10-yard pass in the end zone to wide receiver Jeron Harvey. The score put Jacksonville ahead 73-70, upending the Arizona Rattlers on a gutsy call as time expired.

The opening quarter saw the Rattlers jump on the board first with a two-yard rush from Odie Armstrong. Jacksonville answered by scoring just a minute later. Both teams scored two touchdowns the first quarter, but Jacksonville missed both extra points, putting the score at 14-12. To start the second quarter, Jacksonville took the lead for the first time after Jomo Wilson recovered a fumble in the end zone.

After trading scores for most of the quarter, with 15 seconds left in the first half, Jacksonville fumbled in Arizona's territory, giving Arizona the chance to take back the lead. The Rattlers went into halftime with the lead, 35-32. A defensive battle in the third eventually gave the ball to the Rattlers in the red zone, leading to a 9-yard touchdown reception by Odie Armstrong. Jacksonville ended the scoring for the third quarter after nabbing a touchdown, but missed another extra point to make the score 38-42. The fourth quarter started with Armstrong bulldozing his way into the end zone for Arizona to make it a twopossession game.

The Sharks answered with a 45-yard drive to score on a touchdown by Simmons. The Sharks posted 35 points in the fourth quarter, while Arizona had 28, the most combined points in any quarter in ArenaBowl history. In the final minute of play, each team scored two touchdowns. Arizona was the first to score in the final minute with a five-yard pass to WR Chris Jackson to nab a three point lead. Twelve seconds later, Jacksonville scored. Arizona scored once more, but Garcia would end up heaving the 10-yard touchdown pass with no time left on the clock to seal the victory for Jacksonville.

Fri, Aug 12, 2011 1 2 3 4 F
Jacksonville Sharks 12 20 6 35 73
Arizona Rattlers 14 21 7 28 70
Team Q Time Scoring Play V-H
ARI 1 11:32 Armstrong 2 yd run (Witczak kick) 0-7
JAX 1 10:23 Garcia 41 yd pass to Wilson (Capozzoli kick failed) 6-7
ARI 1 5:32 Davila 20 yd pass to Reed (Witczak kick) 6-14
JAX 1 2:45 Garcia 11 yd pass to Harvey (Capozzoli kick failed) 12-14
JAX 2 12:42 Wilson 0 yd fumble recovery (Capozzoli kick) 19-14
ARI 2 7:40 Davila 4 yd pass to Jackson (Witczak kick) 19-21
JAX 2 5:17 Garcia 31 yd pass to Hughley (Capozzoli kick) 26-21
JAX 2 2:54 Simmons 1 yd run (Capozzoli pass failed) 32-21
ARI 2 0:55 Davila 18 yd pass to Jackson (Witczak kick) 32-28
ARI 2 0:12 Davila 16 yd pass to Geathers (Witczak kick) 32-35
ARI 3 6:09 Davila 9 yd pass to Armstrong (Witczak kick) 32-42
JAX 3 1:56 Garcia 3 yd pass to Simmons (Capozzoli kick failed) 38-42
ARI 4 13:21 Armstrong 1 yd run (Witczak kick) 38-49
JAX 4 9:59 Garcia 7 yd pass to Simmons (Capozzoli kick) 45-49
JAX 4 5:22 Griffin 4 yd run (Garcia pass to Harvey) 53-49
ARI 4 3:58 Davila 17 yd pass to Geathers (Witczak kick) 53-56
JAX 4 1:26 Garcia 45 yd pass to Harvey (Capozzoli kick) 60-56
ARI 4 0:52 Davila 5 yd pass to Jackson (Witczak kick) 60-63
JAX 4 0:40 Garcia 11 yd pass to Wilson (Capozzoli kick) 67-63
ARI 4 0:21 Davila 12 yd pass to Reed (Witczak kick) 67-70
JAX 4 0:00 Garcia 10 yd pass to Harvey 73-70

Jacksonville Sharks Passing

GARCIA, Aaron284266.74029.680

Arizona Rattlers Passing

DAVILA, Nick254062.53388.481

Jacksonville Sharks Rushing

GRIFFIN, Kirby7131.91
SIMMONS, Jamarko221.01
HARVEY, Jeron111.00
GARCIA, Aaron100.00

Arizona Rattlers Rushing

ARMSTRONG, Odie362.02
DAVILA, Nick294.50

Jacksonville Sharks Receiving

WILSON, Jomo913815.32
HARVEY, Jeron911512.83
HUGHLEY, Jeff58416.81
SIMMONS, Jamarko45112.82
GRIFFIN, Kirby11414.00

Arizona Rattlers Receiving

JACKSON, Chris1013613.63
GEATHERS, Jason710915.62
REED, Kerry44310.82
ARMSTRONG, Odie2168.01
FLOYD, Marquis12525.00
HARVEY, Trandon199.00

Jacksonville Sharks MFG Returns


Arizona Rattlers MFG Returns


Jacksonville Sharks INT Returns

ROBINSON, Micheaux188.00

Arizona Rattlers INT Returns


Jacksonville Sharks Kickoff Returns

HUGHLEY, Jeff610818.00
SMITH, Terrance100.00

Arizona Rattlers Kickoff Returns

GRAY, Virgil812515.60
SWANSON, Riley2115.50

Jacksonville Sharks Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
CAPOZZOLI, Marco5/862.50/00.0

Arizona Rattlers Kicking

PlayerPAT M/A%FG M/A%
WITCZAK, Jason10/10100.00/00.0

Jacksonville Sharks Defense

JACKSON, LaRoche8.0800000
ROBINSON, Micheaux7.0620000
ALFORD, Bill3.0300010
PARRISH, Justin2.02011000
ROBBINS, Aaron1.5110000
CLEBERT, Richard1.0100000
CAPOZZOLI, Marco1.0100001
SMITH, Terrance1.0100000
BROWN, Jerry0.5010011
SIMMONS, Jamarko0.5010000

Arizona Rattlers Defense

FLOYD, Marquis9.5830010
GRAY, Virgil7.5470000
HILL, Vince7.5550000
MCCULLOUGH, Kevin5.0260000
GLASPER, Tyre2.5210000
PITTMAN, Marcus1.5111510
JACKSON, Chris1.0100000
HAWTHORNE, Anttaj1.0100001
HARRINGTON, Kyle1.0020000
GEATHERS, Jason1.0100000
FORSE, Nate0.5010000
REED, Kerry0.5010000